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Fall Sports Leagues for Adults: New Jersey Edition

Summer sports leagues may be a great way to get out and have a good time, but fall leagues are a great way to keep that momentum going–and continue getting that regular dose of activity when you need it most. Participating in sports is a great way to meet new people, combat work-related stress, and force yourself to have some fun during a season that can feel overfull with professional and personal obligations. Here, some great resources for finding a league that’s right for you!

Zog Sports

Zog connects young professionals to teams and events in their area. The group’s focus is on community and fun as opposed to more “hard core” athletics. Zog Sports NJ organizes and hosts regular happy hours in addition to games and practices.  Zog gives 10% of net profits–and 100% of happy hour profits–to the local charities of each league’s choice.

BAM Social

BAM Social Sports operates in northern and central New Jersey. It offers events for teams and free agent players. Many BAM tournaments are hosted with charitable partners to raise funds and awareness for groups like Middle Earth, an NJ based youth-services provider.

American Ballplayers League (ABL)

ABL targets more serious competitive athletes with a focus on well organized leagues for serious sports players. ABL offers a strong online system for supporting teams. Although primarily based in Central NJ, new teams can be created in other areas of the state.

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Get Over Gym Shyness With These 5 Tips

Gyms are scary. Even as they continue to evolve into brighter, cheerier, more welcoming spaces, for many, they remain as anxiety-inducing as the body-builder garages of old. Maybe it’s because you feel self-conscious about your body or abilities; maybe you’re worried you mess up some piece of unspoken gym etiquette.  Whatever the reason, it’s holding you back from what can be a super-fun place, somewhere for reinvention, endorphin rushes, and discovery. Help yourself get over your gym shyness with these tips.

Choose Wisely

A gym membership shouldn’t be an impulse by. Don’t use selectivity as an excuse to procrastinate, but definitely take time to read gym reviews, stop by, and ask around on social media. Some gyms are geared more toward people who are overweight or obese, some are for women or men only, some are for more serious athletes–you get the picture. Find a place that gives you good vibes.

Get The Inside Scoop On Etiquette

When you come in, take a moment to ask the front desk attendant about etiquette. They aren’t going to judge you for your lack of gym experience, and if they do, than they really aren’t a person whose opinion should care about at all. Ask about things like wiping down the machines, controlling any shared TVs, etc.

Find A Low Traffic Time

Ask the attendant about what times the gym tends to be most empty. This piece suggests between 1-3 in the afternoon or after 7PM, though this may vary based on your gym’s hours and location.  Ideally, you want to work up to feeling comfortable going to the gym even when it’s crowded, but starting out with less people around can help you build confidence and associate more positive memories with your gym time.

Everyone Sweats

Everyone sweats. Everyone breathes funny. Everyone makes weird faces when they’re in the zone. If they don’t, then they aren’t actually working out. Our tip? Bring some tunes, or check out any of the many workout music stations on Pandora and slip in some wireless, noise blocking headphones. Alternately, bring a tablet with a show you want to watch. These will help you zone out whatever you’re feeling self-conscious about and feel more confident–a great way to keep you moving longer!

Who Doesn’t Love An Underdog?

You probably aren’t as out of shape as you imagine. Even if you are, don’t forget: everyone loves an underdog. Even the most intense, most intimidating guy or gal in the building started somewhere. Most people are too busy paying attention to their own workouts to notice just how slow you are jogging, but even if they do, they aren’t going to think it’s embarrassing. If fitness is really their passion, then it most likely makes them happy to see someone else discovering the joys of the gym.

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