Fall Sports Leagues for Adults: New Jersey Edition

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Fall Sports Leagues for Adults: New Jersey Edition

Summer sports leagues may be a great way to get out and have a good time, but fall leagues are a great way to keep that momentum going–and continue getting that regular dose of activity when you need it most. Participating in sports is a great way to meet new people, combat work-related stress, and force yourself to have some fun during a season that can feel overfull with professional and personal obligations. Here, some great resources for finding a league that’s right for you!

Zog Sports

Zog connects young professionals to teams and events in their area. The group’s focus is on community and fun as opposed to more “hard core” athletics. Zog Sports NJ organizes and hosts regular happy hours in addition to games and practices.  Zog gives 10% of net profits–and 100% of happy hour profits–to the local charities of each league’s choice.

BAM Social

BAM Social Sports operates in northern and central New Jersey. It offers events for teams and free agent players. Many BAM tournaments are hosted with charitable partners to raise funds and awareness for groups like Middle Earth, an NJ based youth-services provider.

American Ballplayers League (ABL)

ABL targets more serious competitive athletes with a focus on well organized leagues for serious sports players. ABL offers a strong online system for supporting teams. Although primarily based in Central NJ, new teams can be created in other areas of the state.

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