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Trend Alert: Fitness Vacations

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If you love being active, chances are a vacation spent binging on holiday sweets–or dozing on an in-law’s couch–aren’t really going to make you feel so great. Try this trend, instead: fitness vacations.

Fitness vacations are getaways centered around, well, fitness. Many involve training for a central challenge, like a marathon, and an exotic destination. Fitness vacations are becoming an increasing popular travel offering for athletes and other active types who love to have a good time while getting a good workout. Here are a few to consider if you have some vacation time coming!



Go Luxe, Not Lazy

The Ranch at Live Oak/Malibu

The “luxury bootcamp” offered at The Ranch is proof positive that luxe living doesn’t necessarily mean leisurely lounging. Advertised as “a short stay, long on benefits” this minimum week-long immersion course includes “no-option, daily group fitness routine led by our skilled and professional staff” consisting of “four to five hours of group hiking, core and ab work, weights, daily group yoga sessions.” Don’t worry–guests are also treated to presumably well-deserved private massages and daily naps.


Women Only

Costa Rica Surf Camp and Yoga Retreat

There are a lot of women-only fitness retreats out there–check out this great roundup in Shape for a few–but we suspect surf camp will sound particularly attractive to the athletically-inclined among us looking to escape the East Coast winter. Surfing offers a great core workout, and can be a fun way to work on balance/cross train for your other hobbies.



The Old Hand of Fitness Vacays

Cycling House Cycling and Triathlon Training Camps

Cycling House, in Tuscon, Arizona, has been fine-tuning it’s training camp for competitive bikers and triathletes for over a decade. Options now include training programs appropriate for athletes at a variety of skill levels, and to suit diverse training goals.



Hardcore, Cross-Fit

Destino Retreats

“If you think work is hard, you should try vacation,” reads Destino’s slogan. Destino’s excursions–to Hawaii, Mexico, Mammoth, and Arizona, aren’t for the faint of heart. Competitive challenges, paleo meals, skills training, and more make these ideal for the seasoned crossfitter. But don’t worry–there’s also a Margarita night!





Don’t forget to get an evaluation and approval from a medical professional before selecting one of these vacations! Your fitness vacation should be challenging, not damaging. A professional can advise you on which activities will be most beneficial for your physiology and fitness goals, and help reduce your risk of injury. Request an appointment with our sports medicine professionals to get professional advice on getting more from your fitness vacation.

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