Four Winter Sports to Try

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Four Winter Sports to Try

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We know, we know–in New Jersey, sunny days and balmy weather make snow seem awfully far away. But given that it’s an El Nino year, we–and residents in other states affected by the phenomena–might possibly see a sudden snowfall in the next couple of months. And when that happens, you’ll want to be prepared to maximize your winter-wonderland fun. These four new, unusual, or just less common activities are a great way to do just that–plus some are much easier on the joints than skiing or snowboarding.

Fat Biking 

Fat bikes are bikes with wide, “fat” tires sturdy enough for off-roading or trails–even in the snow! Watch this video of a fat bike ride through a snowy forest. You can also check out the social media feed from fat bike enthusiast community Ride Fat Bikes for lots more vines, videos, and images of people out enjoying their fat bikes–though please note that some of the stunts, scenarios etc. you may find on there are not necessarily safe. Oh, and if you want to fat bike sooner, consider trying the beach–Monmouth County is offering reduced prices on beach passes right now!



“A battle of strategy, skills, and snowballs!” is how the official site describes this sport, which is, put simply, a competitive snowball fight. Yukigassen originated in Japan, and while the sport has started to spread globally there aren’t many official leagues or tournaments in the US (except, fittingly, in Alaska), but that doesn’t mean you can’t stage your own, impromptu version. You can find rules, court set-up guidelines, and more online.




Snowshoes aren’t new by any means--historians estimate that people have been using them for 6,000 years. They are, however, enjoying a resurgence in popularity as a safer way to enjoy the great outdoors come winter. It’s beginner and budget friendly, too!




Skibobs or skibike are bike-like bodies attached to skis–check out this to get a visual. When practiced safely, skibobbing can be a great alternative to skiing or snowboarding for those with knee problems.



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