Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery Performed by Fellowship-Trained Surgeons in Freehold, NJ

Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery Freehold NJThe advent of arthroscopic shoulder surgery – coupled with recent advances in techniques and instrumentation – has essentially revolutionized the surgical treatment of rotator cuff tears, adhesive capsulitis, tendonitis, arthritis, impingement, SLAP tears, and other shoulder injuries. Individuals in the Freehold, NJ, area who are interested in learning about the latest innovations in orthopedic surgery, including shoulder arthroscopy, can receive personalized advice from the board-certified, fellowship-trained surgeons at New Jersey Sports Medicine.

While arthroscopy can be very beneficial for certain patients, it’s important to understand that surgery is usually not the first treatment considered (unless a shoulder condition is extremely painful or debilitating). For instance, many patients experience good results with physical therapy, which can often strengthen the shoulder muscles enough to offset the effects of an injury. Some patients also benefit from steroid injections, which can relieve discomfort by reducing painful inflammation.

If a surgeon at New Jersey Sports Medicine in Freehold recommends arthroscopic shoulder surgery for you, he or she may complete your procedure by:

  • Creating a series of small incisions (arthroscopic port holes) in your shoulder area
  • Inserting a tiny video camera with a fiber-optic lens (arthroscope)
  • Using the arthroscope to clearly view the internal structure of your shoulder joint from virtually any angle
  • Using specially designed surgical instruments to evaluate and repair damaged tissue

Arthroscopy can help prevent the disruption of healthy tissue surrounding a surgical site, as well as result in minimal scarring and allow for a quick recovery (with an appropriate post-operative rehabilitation program). Usually, after arthroscopic shoulder surgery, the in-house physical therapists at New Jersey Sports Medicine work closely with both the surgeon and the patient to develop an individualized treatment plan, which may include range-of-motion exercises, hydrotherapy, strength training, and a gradual return to sports and other intensive physical activities.

The techniques involved in arthroscopic shoulder surgery require special skills and training. If you’re considering this type of procedure, you’ll want to work with an experienced and trusted surgeon. Before making your final decision, you are encouraged to contact New Jersey Sports Medicine in Freehold, NJ. Our specialized surgeons perform many minimally invasive procedures, and as a result, we are able to offer our patients an exceptional level of expertise.

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