Hip Pain

Hip Pain Treatment in Freehold, NJ

Hip Pain Freehold NJHip pain can interfere with your active lifestyle, and no one knows that better than the experienced hip specialists at New Jersey Sports Medicine in Freehold, NJ. Many of us play sports ourselves, so we’ve acquired unique insight into the drive and mindset of a typical athlete. Utilizing our extensive knowledge and the very latest techniques and technologies, we can assess, diagnose, and treat your hip pain. We can also work with you to develop preventive strategies to reduce the likelihood of reinjury.

Hip pain can originate in either or both of the ball-and-socket joints that connect the upper thigh bones with the pelvic bones. These joints are designed to withstand a considerable amount of wear and tear, but they are not indestructible. In addition to a sudden onset from a traumatic injury, such as a labral tear, bone fracture, or joint dislocation, hip pain can develop gradually over time due to a progressive condition like osteoarthritis or bursitis.

Even though hip pain may seem mild and tolerable at first, it’s important to have it checked out and properly diagnosed if it lasts for more than a few days or does not respond to home remedies like rest, icing, and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications. Left untreated, some degenerative and inflammatory hip conditions can lead to severe pain and limited mobility, and ultimately require surgical treatment.

At New Jersey Sports Medicine in Freehold, we recommend seeing a hip specialist if you experience pain at the front of your hip, along the outside of your hip, in your groin, or over your buttock area, and the pain is severe or accompanied by:

  • Discomfort or swelling in your thigh or knee
  • Muscle spasms or swelling in your hip
  • An inability to walk without pain
  • An inability to bend or rotate your hip without pain
  • Throbbing sensations in your hip while at rest
  • Fever or chills
  • Warmth or redness in your hip area

After evaluating your hip pain, the orthopedic experts at New Jersey Sports Medicine in Freehold, NJ, can help you find the right path to relief. If you elect arthroscopic hip surgery, you can feel confident when placing your care into the hands of our highly skilled and experienced joint surgeons. Our outstanding surgical team is proud to be part of a professional sports medicine community that is developing increasingly noninvasive surgical solutions to treat every type of athletic injury.

If you’d like to consult with a hip specialist at New Jersey Sports Medicine, contact us today.

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