Labral Repair Monroe Township

Surgical Repair for Labral Tears Performed by Orthopedic Shoulder Surgeons in Monroe Township, NJ

Labral Repair Monroe Township NJSurgery is sometimes necessary to repair a labral tear that is causing shoulder pain, weakness, or instability. This injury affects the labrum, a rubbery piece of fibrocartilage that is attached to the rim of the shoulder socket. The labrum, which helps keep the ball of the shoulder joint properly positioned within its socket, can become torn as a result of direct trauma, overuse, or age-related degeneration.

Because the labrum has a rich blood supply, a labral tear can potentially heal on its own without surgical repair. However, if you’re experiencing persistent shoulder pain or limited range of motion, you are encouraged to consult with an orthopedist at New Jersey Sports Medicine near Monroe Township, NJ.

Why do I need to see a shoulder specialist for a torn labrum?

If a labral tear is suspected, specialist care is important because this type of injury can sometimes be challenging to diagnose. The experienced team at New Jersey Sports Medicine can perform a physical examination, order any necessary imaging tests, and recommend a shoulder arthroscopy, if appropriate. When performing this minimally invasive procedure, a surgeon can achieve two goals:

  1. Confirm that the source of the discomfort is a torn labrum
  2. If so, immediately repair the labral tear

What happens after labral repair surgery?

Following labral repair surgery, many patients initially wear a sling to keep the shoulder immobilized as it heals. Within a few weeks, most begin gentle range-of-motion exercises and gradually progress to a customized physical therapy program designed to strengthen the muscles that support the shoulder and enhance joint flexibility. Additionally, a physical therapist can address any factors that may have contributed to the development of the labral tear, such as improper lifting or throwing mechanics.

To learn more about surgical labral repair and other treatment options for shoulder injuries, contact the orthopedic experts at New Jersey Sports Medicine to schedule a consultation at our office near Monroe Township, NJ.

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